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Teachers Only

#1 A Word about the Catechist What is involved in becoming a catechist? How did you answer the call.
What exactly is a catechist?
#2 A Word About Catechetical Tasks The six tasks for the Catechist
#3 A Word About the Catechetical Environment
What should your catechetical space look like?
#4 A Word About the Catechetical Session What does the ideal class look like?
#5 A Word About Catechetical Resources
Where do you go when you need more information?
#6 A Word About God's Self Disclosure
Delving deeper into our faith, what is our response to God's Self-Disclosure? Catholics and Scripture, Catholics and Tradition
#7 A Word About God's Continuing Encounter with Us Jesus as a Sacrament, Church as a Sacrament, The Seven Sacraments,
#8 Another Word About God's Continuing Encounter With Us The Spiritual values of Jesus, Living the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy
#9 A Word About Respecting Human Experiences Working with multiple intelligences
#10 A Word About Nurturing Human Growth The different ways in which we grow intellectually
#11 A Word About Faith, Moral and Sexual Development A Sacred and Mysterious Gift, Our relationship with God, Our relationship with Self
#12 A Word About Seasons and Saints, Prayer and Devotions Celebrating the Yearly Cycle of Faith, Celebrating our Brothers and Sisters who
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